2. Expression used for giving compliments to others

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Many kinds of the expressions are used to give compliment  to others as below :
   - Wonderful.
   - Congratulation 
   - You look handsome/beautiful tonight
   - Wow, Fantastic.
   - That's great
   - Well done.
   - How beautiful you look.
   - Wow.. beautiful.
   - What a good appearance I see.
   - You look great.
   - Good job.
   - etc
Did you ever get compliment by your friends ? 
What did you say to respond it ? 
If someone gives you compliment you must respond it as :
   - Thank you
   - You've made my day
   - Do you really think so ?
   - It's kind if you say that.
   - Thanks I need that
   - etc
Here are the examples how you give compliment to your friend to these situation :
1. When your friend have passed all the tests excellently, what would you 
    say to give his/her compliment ? 
    Say to his/her : " Great for you, you have passed all the tests."
2. When you know your friend won the pop song competition, you 
    must give his/her compliment. 
    Say to his/her : " That's great, you won the pop song competition " or 
    " Congratulation, I don't think you won the pop song competition."
3. Your father can repair his car by himself so you could give him 
    compliment as :
    " Well done, dad.. you can repair the car by yourself " or
    " Wow..fantastic, dad. It's work ."

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