1. Expression giving invitation

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Generally all of us have activities that need to attended by others. So you have to invite them to come and join. You might invite them orally (informal) or writing (formal). It's depend on situation where are you at the day. Might be you met your friend when you were jogging, you invite them to come and join for lunch/dinner/birthday party/ etc orally (informal
Here are the examples of giving invitation :
   - Could you come to my party ? 
   - Would you mind coming over on Saturday night ?  
   - Would you like to come to my birthday party  on .......... ? 
   - How about going out for lunch to gather this afternoon  ?
   - I'd like you to ......... ?
   - Can you ............ ?
   - How would you like to ................... ?
   - Would you like to come to my place for dinner tonight, please ?
   - Why don't you join me for lunch/ dinnner ?
   - I'd like to invite you to see our school/factory/office/ while you're in Bali/etc?
   - Would you come with me to the cinema tomorrow ?
   - etc.
If you got problem how to write to invite them, you could visit this link :
How to make birthday invitation design ?
Here are the samples of birthday invitation design :
You could visit the link below to get many kind of invitation design :
What is your response  ?
·  Thank you for your invitation I'll happy to come/join/dinner/lunch/etc.
·  That's very kind of you.
·  That sound wonderful, I'll happy to come/ join/ etc.
·  I'd love to go with you.
·  Certainly, I'd love to go/ come/ join/ etc.
·  etc.
But if you refuse/decline an invitation, remember to thank the person for the invitation and give a reason for refuse/decline. You don't  need to give a detailed reason, it's just a general reason. 
Below are responses if you refuse/decline an invitation : 
.  Thank you but I'm sorry, I'm affraid I can't...
·  Thank you for your invitation but I don't think I can make it.
·  I'd love to but I can't. I have other plans.
·  That's very kind of you, but I'm affraid my schedule is booked up all next week/
   nex Sunday/ tomorrow/ Saturday night/ etc.
·  I'm sorry, but I have other plans. Thank you anyway. 
.  I'd like to, but tomorrow I would prefer to stay at home.

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