3. Bargaining

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In a departement store
Shirley          :  This is nice material. What is it ?
Shopkeeper  :  It's cotton  
Shirley          :  How much is it ?
Shopkeeper  :  It's very good material. It's four dollars a metre 
Shirley          :  Four dollars! That's too expensive. But it's very 
Shopkeeper  :  How much can you pay, madam ?
Shirley          :  I'll pay three dollars a metre.
Shopkeeper  :  I'll make a special price for you, madam. 
                        Three dollars seventy five a metre.
Shirley          :  How about three dollars fifty ?
Shopkeeper  :  Just for you, madam. Three dollars fifty cens a metre.

The italic sentences above are expression asking about price and bargaining
Here are expressions for asking about prices :
   - How much is it ?
   - How much does it costs ?
   - What does this book/sweater/shoes/dress/etc costs ?
   - How much is this book/sweater/shoes/dress/etc ?
   - How much is that altogether ? 
   - How much do these pens costs ?
   - How much will that be altogether ?  
If you as customer do bargaining you could use this expression :
   - How about ................. dollars ?
   - How about ................. rupiahs ?
   - Can you make it lower ?
   - Can you lower the price?
   - Can you give me a discount ?
   - Is there any discount ?
   - That's too expensive, how about Rp. .............. ?
   - Oh, that's rather expensive, how about ................... ?
   - Is there any discount for this dress/shirt/sweater/etc ? 
What do you say if you as a seller accept the bargaining ?
To accept the bargaining we use the expression as :
   - Yes, I'll give you ................. % discount.
   - That's ok.
   - Well, just a little.
   - Just for you, madam/sir. .................. 
And you could use the expressions below if you as seller refuse the bargaining :
   - I'm sorry, it's the fixed price.
   - I'm affraid you can't bargain.
   - I'm sorry, we don't put discount on this product.

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